Our ancestors used to tell us that blood donation is the greatest donation among all. It helps in saving other people lives and health. With this hope, TERii Institute with collaboration of Rotary Club and Sanatan VidyaPeeth Trust initiated with a campaign to create a book of blood donors available in Kurukshetra along with their blood groups.

In India, more than 1 million people lose their lives every year because of unavailability of the blood they require. People searching for blood donors find it the most difficult task as most of the people are not even aware of their blood groups. This entire situation turns into a chaos leading to loss of life of the patients waiting for blood. To overcome this situation, TERii decided to create a book of blood donors who are willing to donate their blood as per the situation whenever required.

This book will be made available at all the local places in Kurukshetra such as hospitals, bank, post offices and other areas so that common public whenever in need can search and contact the blood donors.

In order to make this book a success, people must be aware of their blood groups and should be willing to donate blood. This was done with a blood group test camp organized in the campus of TERii in Kurukshetra where students and faculty participated in huge numbers. The students were encouraged and motivated by the Dr. Sagar Gulati (Director, TERii) and Dr. MP Gupta (Honorable Advisor, TERii) along with other eminent personalities from Rotary Club and Sanatan Vidyapeeth Trust.

More than 1300 students and faculty joined hands and pledge to donate blood whenever required. We feel immense proud of our students who stood up for this so pleasant cause of humanity and got themselves registered in this book.

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