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An Extra Edge – Certification Opportunities with IITs, IIMB, MNCs, Foreign Universities

An Extra Edge - Certification Opportunities with IITs, IIMB, MNCs, Foreign Universities


An Extra Edge – Certification Opportunities with IITs, IIMB, MNCs, Foreign Universities –

In the era where technology has took over almost every single aspect of our life, keeping an eye on emerging trends, terms, and technology in the education technology industry has become uttermost significant task. The ever rising efficacy of technology in education has offered a glimpse into a gradually evolving realm of unconstrained learning. Technology has changed everything in our lives – what we thought we knew, what we were accustomed to – and has helped us explore new dimensions to achieve our objectives more effectively and efficiently.


To be successful, it has become insuperable that students should have something extra in their basket of knowledge and achievements. Foreign Universities, IITs, IIMs, NITs and other famed institutes are undeniably exuberant updated with the cromlech technology due to presence of resources with them. But what about the students who cannot reap admissions in such institutes


Considering all the aspects, TERii believes and relentlessly renders opportunities to their students for their updation. TERii, being well acquainted with the updations of the technology implants a great focus on the basic curriculum as well as the add-ons in the form of online certification programs, industrial visits, seminars etc.

There are heteromorphic online courses that have been made a part of the curriculum for the students of TERii which provides An Extra Edge for Certification Opportunities with IITs, IIMB, MNCs, Foreign Universities.  Due to incessant efforts by the management, faculty and students of TERii, the TERiians are bringing great results and undeniably they are being transmuted into the diamonds!


TERii- being the active local chapter of IIT Madras, Nodal centre of Virtual Lab by IIT Delhi, Remote Centre of IIT Bombay and accredited by International Accreditation Organsiation (IAO) USA, facilitates numerous online courses to the students as well as faculty for their development. In the year of 2019, TERiians earned more than 100 certificates from various IITs in the country. Beyond this TERiians also procured certificates from the preeminent foreign universities like Duke University, University of Michigan and others in various subjects. It is solely because of TERiians and their participation that Kurukshetra got declared as exam centre. Not only this, NPTEL declared fee-waiver for all the TERiians.


Undeniably, this is only because of the efforts of TERii’s management, faculty and students that we are adroit to render excellence to our students in every probabilistic manner.


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