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Ragging in any form (making unpleasant noise, disorderly conduct, doing any act which causes or likely to cause physical or psychological harm or raise apprehension or fear of shame or an embarrassment to the new student, which include teasing, abusing, playing practical jokes on or causing hurt to such students or asking the new student to do any act or to perform such things which such student will not in the ordinary course willing to perform) is strictly forbidden. If anyone is found guilty of ragging he / she will be expelled and also liable for prosecution under the decision of Hon’ble Supreme Court of India which will result in punishment with imprisonment and shall also be liable to a fine as decided by the competent authority.

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While the Institute encourages all students to mix freely and live and work together in harmony, ragging in any form is strictly forbidden. Any student indulging in ragging will be immediately expelled from the Hostel and will be subject to disciplinary action which may culminate in his/her expulsion from the Institute as well. It may also be noted that as per the Supreme Court orders ragging in any form is a cognizable offence. It is mandatory and legally binding for the Institute administration to report each incident of ragging to the Police for taking appropriate action under the law.

If any student is forced to leave the Institute as a result of ragging, intimation, harassment, coercion, threat, extortion, physical assault by any other student(s) and his/her seat remains vacant for the remaining duration of the course, apart from loss of career for the withdrawing student, it causes heavy financial loss to the Institute. In such an eventuality the student(s) involved in ragging, harassment, coercion, threat, extortion, assault, etc. will be required to make up the entire financial loss caused to the Institute in the form of Tuition and other fees that would have been paid by the withdrawing student. This shall be without prejudice to the other disciplinary action that may be taken against the defaulting student under the Institute rules.

Definition of Ragging:

“Any conduct by any student or students, whether by word spoken or written or by an act, which has the effect of teasing, treating or handling with rudeness a fresher or any other student.”

Exploiting the students for completing academic task and financial extortion.
Any act that prevents disrupts or disturbs the regular academic activity of other students.
Ragging is a cognizable offence and TERII will not hesitate to take stern action against offenders.

Measures Taken by TERII:

  • Educating /updating the students in the beginning of each academic session about the zero tolerance for ragging.
  • Strictly enforcing the UGC Regulations on Curbing the Menace of Ragging in Higher Educational Institutions, 2009.
  • Each student as well as his/her parents/guardian are mandatory required to submit separate undertakings in the form of an affidavit to the effect that they are aware of the prohibition of ragging and the punishment prescribed both under penal laws as well as under these regulations.
  • Anti-ragging hoardings, banners, billboards are displayed at prominent places.
  • Surprise checks of premises carried out regularly.
  • Liaison is maintained with the local police to guard against the incident of ragging.
  • All freshers are provided with separate badges. Daily briefing is carried out.
  • Institute constitutes Anti-Ragging Committees and Anti-Ragging Squads for overseeing the strict implementation of all directives.
  • In case any student encounter ragging by any of the senior students, he/she is immediately required to contact the members of the anti-ragging committee, who will take an immediate corrective action and necessary proceedings will be initiated against the culprits engaged in ragging activities.

Punishment For Ragging:

  • Lodging FIR against offender.
  • Rigorous Imprisonment for up to 3 years (under court of law).
  • Fine up to Rs. 2,50,000/- (up to 2.5Lac).
  • Rustication from institute for varying periods.
  • Expulsion from the institute and consequent debarring from admission to any other Institution.
  • Cancellation of Admission.
  • Suspension from attending classes.
  • Withholding /withdrawing of scholarship/ fellowship and other benefits.
  • Debarring from appearing for any test/examination / placement activities organized by the institute TERII.
  • Debarring from representing the institute in any National or International meet, tournament and festival.
  • Suspension /Expulsion from the hostel.


  • Dr. M. P. Gupta, Head of Institution
  • Sh. Balbir Dutt, ASI, Jotisar Police Chowki
  • Sh. Ram Pal Sharma, Media Representative
  • Mrs. Kusum Singla, President, Vishwas Foundation, NGO
  • Er. Sandeep Malik, HOD, Applied Sciences
  • Sh. Sameer Madan, Parents Representative
  • Anant Prakash, Fresher’s Representative
  • Akshay Madan, Senior Student’s Representative
  • Mrs. Neha Gulati, Assistant Professor


The University/Board Rules regarding Admission, Attendance, Sessional, Evaluation, Examination etc; General Code of Conduct; and Disciplinary Rules for Students shall be deemed to an integral part of the rules.
All students taking admission in TERII will be bound by these rules


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