Education is imparted at its best when combined with Education. This is what Nelson Mandela once said when he was rigorously working on raising the standards of education in the world and encouraging the students to study hard and develop the world with their talent.

There are two ways of imparting education. One is to make a student learn the concepts and principles followed and ask him to do the same as done by other. The other way is to make the student understand the concepts and principles and then ask him to do something with the same. In the second scenario, the student is always more creative who can exploit his/her talent and do something extra-ordinary in life.

The students at TERii wish to do something extra ordinary in their lives, henceforth we choose the other way of teach them by imparting education with entertainment. The faculty at TERii supports this and let student explore his/her creativity at the maximum extent possible to get something productive out. The students at TERii get all the facilities which they claim are not possible at the institutional level. TERii inculcates 20+ smart computer labs along with 5 workshops for engineering assignments which are opened even at night for our young scientists! They are given complete freedom to exploit their talent and explore the possibilities.

More than 90% of the faculty resides in the campus only wherein they have fun interaction time with the students. The students are free to have doubt clearing sessions in the evening with the faculty. The faculty in TERii also feels their institution as a family. There are no restrictions on gathering/implementation of knowledge.

Apart from this, TERii focuses on the overall development of the students by organizing events and encouraging the students to participate in them. The institute also takes part in a lot of other events organized by various institutions and organization where the students participate and bring laurels to their institute. The faculty members of the institution also take part in these events indirectly by giving a helping hand to the students during their rehearsals.

With all these, TERii develops an amateur student into a successful engineer, manager or entrepreneur by developing the overall skills of his/her. Life at TERii is all about practical exposure, entertainment and hard work leading to the overall development of the students.

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