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oh! You don’t worry friend this is so usual”

Well, this statement by the teachers, friends or peer group, has genuinely created tremendous harm to the student’s career who got backlog for the first time. Once the mindset of obtaining backlogs gets usual, the backlogs don’t even affect the students. They no more feel ashamed of it rather they find it a part of their course program.

Let us first comprehend what does backlog mean?

It refers to the number of failed courses that haven’t yet been cleared. Truthfully, backlogs are a curse in a student’s career. May it be management or engineering or any other course, the backlogs are going to devise assorted hurdles on the path of your career. There are numerous ill effects of backlogs in Engineering and Management.

1. Pernicious affect on your mental health– till 12th standard, students are habitual of scoring good marks. Being in their teenage, as soon as students enter the college, the impact of study gets lower and the impact of fun & life gets tremendously higher, leading to backlogs that stun them.

2. Thwarts from exploiting career opportunities– There are varied corporate houses that visit for campus recruitment but have an eligibility of no back log. In such case, no matter how skilled or competent you are, you won’t even be entertained by such companies, creating a loss for lifetime.

3. Time deterioration– There are n number of cases where students spent more than twice of the duration of the actual program and still left the college without clearing the backlogs. What a shame!

4. Inferior image in the society– society is going to judge you with your marks! And it’s is quite obvious to understand that how the backlogs will affect your image in the society.

5. End of your career even before inaugurating– One always opts a program with umpteen dreams. Getting backlogs or reappear and leaving the course, demolishes the career even before inauguration.

6. Effects the image of the college in the society– The students not only creates an inferior image of themselves but also pose a question mark on the quality and efficiency of the institute.

7. Wastage of financial resources– getting tuition again & again, filling the forms for re- appear- isn’t it wastage of the financial resources?

That tag of backlog or reappear will never fade away, reminding you of the mistakes and the carelessness you attempted. It’s the high time to value your time & studies. Keeping all the after effects into consideration, TERii has been unceasably laboring on the enhanced skills, knowledge and good academic scores in the student’s basket of achievements. TERii consider zero rate of backlogs every year as their mission & induce their 100% to accomplish the same. The time & opportunity once missed will never come back, the only think that will lurk near you is REGRET!


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