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day scholar and hostelers

Holding a degree might fetch you a good job but what you perform is going to be the main concern.

The classroom teachings are the most valuable teachings in one’s life. What ever your educator will teach you will be remembered by you forever. Being unable to comprehend, I have question to ask- Why are the young minds opting for the residential study over day scholar studies? Aren’t they able to figure out the boons of the day scholar study?

From spot learning to acquiring extraneous knowledge, acting as a social asset, adding to the skills base, gaining more support, living the aura, being energetic, being lively, time management and many more, the day scholar studies have endless mileages to offer you! Alas! The student want to stay at home and use their time in gaming, sleeping and other wasteful activities! Their bad!

We, the TERiians, comprehend and inculcate the blessings of the day scholar studies and this is the only reason TERii hostel have more than 700 students (inclusive of boys and girls) from 24 states of India and from Nepal & Bangladesh, who attend the classes perpetually. They always utter the words of appreciation for the system of regular classes.

The management of TERii, Director and many faculty members reside in the hostel along with the students. The living together of everyone devise a safe aura for the students. Celebrating of all the festivities together and standing by each other, creates environment of peace and harmony among all. One can register themselves for this course at


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