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In this modern decade, we are living in the era of competitiveness, where even buying a toothpaste or soap for ourselves give us more than 100+ options at a single shop. With the revolutionary change of internet and e-commerce, competition is much high. Mostly all the multi-national companies have allocated huge budgets for marketing in order to reach out to the public and get their sales high. No doubt the result goes high, but for a very small period of time, as people always tend to change their preferences depending upon the quality.

Imagine, what happens to the buyers also happens to the students who take admission in big private universities for engineering and management courses but later on realize the quality and actual value of academics of that college or university. At that point of time, the students are bound as they have paid huge sums for their seats; and have directly or indirectly played with their own future.

Technology Education and Research Integrated Institutions, commonly known as TERii is the first college in India which has laid the foundation of a thought that the students must be given a chance to understand the facility, academics, and infrastructure. Giving the first-hand experience of the campus life as well as academics is the motive so that the decision is a mature call from the student as well as from the parents.

With this, TERii, Kurukshetra is organizing a 15 days Free Foundation Course for all the courses in Engineering and Management Streams. An absolutely amazing option wherein the students can come to the college, live there in the hostels, attend lectures like normal students of the college. In addition to this, the experience of learning in the Language Lab, Workshops, Science Labs will also be a part of the stay. Admission Aspirants shall also be getting Motivational Lectures, Seminars, and Industrial Visits to make it a package to know the institution and its vision.

As TERii is associated with IITs (Madras, Bombay, and Delhi) as well as Internshala, the Foundation Course Students shall get access to these platforms as well. They shall be learning through Google Classroom; SWAYAM-NPTEL; IIT Delhi Virtual Labs.

Usually, students are given a chance to visit the campus once with the staff of the college but we are very sure that only the positive points are only showcased! To accept the truth of the educational world, we really wish to change that perception of parents and students that they do not get to know the institution in real. When you facilitate this bond of trust and reliability in the beginning, technical and professional education becomes more successful. It could have been a tough thing to achieve in India. But when one has the option to live in the hostels, roam the entire institute, study in the classrooms and stay like you are a student here with all facilities available to you.

TERii, Kurukshetra is now being one of the most prominent engineering and management colleges in North India catering to students from various states of India and neighbouring country Nepal as well. This Free Foundation Course is the beginning of a new era in the Indian Education where Private Institutions are required to prove their commitment towards quality and trust. TERii has come out with full confidence based on the satisfaction of thousands of parents and students in the past 12 years.

With this foundation course, TERii has laid the foundation of the transformation of technical education in the entire country. A plethora of scholarships is available to those who choose TERii through this Free Foundation Course. With these, there are more scholarships are offered to students.

Registrations are open for B. Tech., BBA, MBA, and Diploma. You can have a look at the same at . Do not forget to register yourself registration for the Free Foundation Course starting from  11th June.

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