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The residential facility on the campus has separate Hostels for girls and boys. Presently there are three in-campus boys hostel with a total capacity of accommodating around 700 boys. TERii also has separate in-campus Girls’ Hostel which can accommodate around 100 girl students. Each hostel has a residential Faculty Warden, Assistant Warden, Attendants who are being monitored by a Advisor and Director of TERii to promptly address the day to day issues of the hostel residents. To ensure security and safety of the hostel inmates 24X7 security guards are on duty and CCTV cameras have been installed for active surveillance. The medical facilities like ambulance, nurses are also available inside the TERii campus around the clock.


A bonafide regular student of TERii pursuing BTech/ MBA/ BBA/DIPLOMA/ Program at the Institute is eligible for admission to the Hostel.


Hostel is not a right of a student rather it is a privilege given to a student. Admission to the Hostel is generally on first come first serve basis in First Year (Merit for Admission). Allotment of hostel accommodation second year onwards will be done on the basis of student’s latest academic record of odd semester.


  • Even though it’s a home away from from but it is expected that the hostellers must maintain complete harmony, brotherhood and camaraderie among themselves.
  • Admission to the Hostel is done on a first come first serve basis by the Institute.
  • Hostel seat is allotted only for one academic year. Any change in the hostel room can only be made with the prior approval of the Hostel Warden.
  • Hostel seat allotment for subsequent academic years shall be done on merit, attendance and availability basis.
  • The hostel room/ seat may change from year on year as per the Institute Policy.
  • Hostelers must collect Hostel ID cards at the time of allocation of hostel seat.
  • Hostelers must carry the Hostel ID card with themselves to prove identity, whenever required.
  • In case a student fails to maintain minimum 75% of his attendance in the program, the hostel seat will stand forfeited automatically.
  • The student shall not, under any condition, be entitled for refund of proportionate fees.


  • Hostel rooms are equipped with furniture and fitments.
  • Students occupying the rooms will duly acknowledge by signing the receipt of items in the Inventory Register.
  • Students will be responsible to hand over the items in their original serviceable condition to Hostel Authorities while leaving the room at the end of the academic year/session.
  • Students are not permitted to use private electrical appliances nor tamper with electrical fittings provided in the rooms.
  • All the boarders are supposed to report back to the hostel on or before 6:30 pm failing which the Outpass facility will be withdrawn for a minimum period of two weeks.
  • Hostellers are not allowed to bring Day Scholars/ Outsiders in the hostel premises (inside room or mess).
  • Hostellers are not allowed to bring and park any vehicle inside the Hostel compound or in the institute.
  • Playing music on high volume causing disturbance to other hostellers is not permitted. While leaving the rooms, lights, fans, etc. should be switched-off to avoid wastage of electricity.
  • Writing on doors, walls, furniture, switch plates etc. in the hostel is strictly prohibited.


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