Hostel Life

Hostel life at TERII is really stimulating and learning yet quite homely. There is  separate accommodation for boys, girls and faculty but common mess and uniform food, indoor and outdoor facilities helps in bringing them together. Food is hygienic and homely. Indoor facilities include billiards & snooker room; badminton & TT club; Gym; Common Room; Practice Room for dance & drama; Band Room; Movies. Outdoor facilities are for major sports like Cricket; Football; Skating; Basket; Volley ball; Kho-kho; Athletics; Kabadi; Amphi-theater; Stage etc. A student is free to participate in the activities of his/her interest. Hostel wardens supported by residential faculty take care of the students. Faculty is ever ready to guide them even in academics till late night.

World-Class Recreational Facilities

After college hours students are encouraged to participate in recreational activities. ‘Special evenings’ provide a chance to the students to showcase their talent in dramatics, dance, music and various aspects of stage management. The organization of monthly birthday parties, jam sessions and story sessions make hostel life a pleasant and enjoyable experience.


Discipline, Exits And Holidays

In the TERii Hostel, students are allowed outings on specified days provided there is a permission from the parents in advance.The boarding house is only closed for the summer holidays. Hostel residents have to maintain discipline and impeachable conduct all times, inside and outside the school premises.

Birthdays Celebrations

All birthdays are special occasion to be celebrated and provide a chance for the hostel mates to come together in an informal way and establish closer bonds of friendship and camaraderie. Every month, all the students whose birthdays fall in that month converge with the entire residents of the hostels for a common cake cutting ceremony. This is accompanied by an enjoyable dance party (supervised by the hostel in-charge) and the hostel kitchen has a special menu for that day.

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Common Rooms

Common TV viewing rooms are provided and they are open till 9:00 pm. During study holidays and exam period TVs will not be operated.


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