The modern era of technology and enhancement of sales have set standards for marketers to leave the conventional ideas of marketing and switch to the latest digital trends. The students at TERii are constantly surfing on these trends, tools and techniques that are used in marketing over the digital platforms.

Digital Marketing has set its foot in the era of marketing in the country and mostly everyone is looking for it. Businesses even like small retail shopkeepers and owners are demanding for a corporate and e-commerce website for themselves in order to build a rapport of their brand and increase their sales. Thanks to the billion dollar investments on products such as Flipkart, Google and may others; Indians have started using the internet technology and somehow made them a necessity.

To introduce this and enhance skills on the same, TERii organized a workshop on the Digital Marketing in the campus. The workshop was conducted by the head of Relesh Infomedia (a digital marketing company based in Delhi), Mr. Jai Kathuria. Jai Kathuria is in the business of digital marketing from the last 8 years and has witnessed the revolutions that have taken place in Digital.

The 3 hours long workshop instigated the passion of Digital Marketing among the students as well as the faculty. Mr. Jai spoke to our students about the social media, its influence on end-user and the marketing strategy that goes behind utilizing the social media to a brand’s advantage. He interacted with them to gauge their understanding of different social media platforms they have been using in their daily routine. He quoted that digital media marketing is all about marking over internet.

The session further headed towards the latest in digital era, in which our expert explained how Internet became a common thing in India so quick. He shared few facts about how Flipkart in 2010 made Indians go crazy on the internet by giving discounts and cashback offers. He gave a reference of a recent study where India has around 45 million WhatsApp users and 350 billion smartphones. The report also showed that India ranks second with 213 million Facebook users in comparison to the United States with 219 million users. He cited, based on the statistical references given to the students, that Facebook is the most popular social network worldwide.

The discussion was not only limited to the concepts of social media, it explored the concepts of Remarking, Branding, Advertising and Socializing also. He gave many examples like, BB ki Vines etc which, through social media marking and promotions, are earning in millions. He also explained some terms like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Influencer marketing etc. to the students. He also added that if one knows how to market a product in social media, then one can be a trend-setter and influence thousands of people. He gave live training for various uncommon social media platforms wherein the students and faculties part and learnt a lot.

We at TERii strongly believe that the students should be updated with the technology and the market trends timely for the overall development of the students. The students must be aware of the new trends setting in the market wherein they have to get absorbed; and Digital Marketing is one of them.

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