Key Faculty

The foundation of any educational institution lies within the framework of the institution’s faculty. At TERii, we feel immense proud to have such immensely intensified and talented faculty who have guided us throughout and let us feel proud!


Dr. M.P Gupta, a visionary and seasoned personality is serving as Advisor to the institute. Dr. Gupta has served the Technical Education Department, Haryana from position of Lecturer to Director. He also served the Technical Education Department of Uttrakhand as Director.He has made various revolutionary changes in Technical education system of Haryana as well as India.



He is an astute & result oriented professional with 10 years of diverse experience in Academics & Research, Policy Formulation and Execution, Academic Administration and Control, Projects Management, Resources Optimization, Business Development etc. He is a role model and always has helping hands for students.

Our Faculties

Mr. Vikas Goel

Mr. Vikas Goyal has 10 years of teaching experience in Computer Science Engineering. He has expertise on various languages such as C, C++, HTML and programming.

Mr. Kamaldeep

Mr. Kamaldeep has 15 years of teaching and industrial experience. Previously, worked in NIT Kurukshetra at various posts such as technical assistant, Programer for 8 years. He has his expertise in Network Management.

Mr. Sumit Aggarwal

Mr. Sumit Aggarwal has 11 years of teaching experience. He has completed his M. Tech from GGSIP University of Delhi. He has many publications with international journals.

Mr. S.K.Gupta

S.K Gupta has served the teaching and industries in Electrical Engineering for 29 years. He is persuing his Ph.D. In Electronics. He has various publication in reputed international journals. His core competency is in Micro-Controller.

Dr. I.P.Singh

Dr. IP Singh has completed his doctorate in 1977 from Kurukshetra University. He retired as Professor from NIT Kurukshetra in Mechnaical Engineering Department. He has published 45 papers in International Journals. He is the Author of 4 books of Mechanical Engineering.

Ms. Kiran Bala

Ms. Kiran Bala has her specialization in Industrial Engineering. She has 16 years teaching experience in the field of teaching Mechanical Engineering. She has many publications in National/International journals.

Mr. Rajesh Kumar

Mr. Rajesh has specialization in Industrial Engineering. He has 20 years teachnig experience. He has many publications in National/International journals. He has worked as Consultant and Freelancer with various research projects with Govt. of India.

Mr. Dhanwant Singh

Mr. Dhanwant Singh is the Key faculty of Mechanical Engineering. He is M.Tech from Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra and has many national/international publications in his credit.

Mr. Sukhmeet Singh

Mr. Sukhmeet Singh is M.Tech from Punjab Technical University with 12 years of experience; an expert in Cryptography.

Mr. Rajesh

Mr. Rajesh has 7 years of teaching experience in Electrical Engineering. He’s M.Tech from NIT Kurukshetra. His specialization is “Power System.”

Mr. Gurcharan Singh

Mr. Gurucharan has 10.5 years of Teaching and and Industrial Experience. He is B.Tech, M.Tech from NIT Kurukshetra. He is serving as a Head of Department in Civil Engineering. He has worked on various projects of Transportation in Civil Engineering.

Ms. Rashmi Kataria

Ms. Rashmi Kataria has 26 years of Teaching and Industrial Experience, She is Professor in Department of Management Studies. She has managerial responsibilities of Saathak School for Hearing Disabled. She is also engaged in various Social NGO’s

Dr. Jai Singh

Dr. Jai has his specialization in Mathematics and has devoted 27 years in Education and Research related to Mathematics. Formerly Dr. Jai has worked for National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra and Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee

Dr. Satish Chandra Solanki

Dr. Satish Chandra Solanki has retired as Professor of Mechanical Engineering from IIT Roorkee. In his 47 years of endless services to education, he has worked for University of Roorkee, IIT Roorkee and University of Aden (Yamen). He did Sponsored Reserch from Atomic Energy,CSIR,DST and AICTE etc.

Mr. Harbhajan Singh

Mr. Harbhajan Lal has his B.Sc (Mechanical Engineering) from RECK (Presently NIT Kurukshetra) in 1977. He has worked for ONGC, India for 31 years. He has also provided his consultancy to ICS, Mumbai.

Mr. Harbans Lal

Mr. Harbans Lal, retired from Public Works Department, Haryana, has 47 years of experince in PWD and Tecahing. After reirement he has devoted his 2 years to Govt. Polytechnic, Jhajjar (Hry.) and imparted the working skills to students of Civil Engineering. He has formed rules for workshop staff in PWD and has received appreciation letter from Govt. of Haryana.

Mr. Vijay Kumar Magan

In his 45 years of Industrial experinace Mr. Vijay Kumar Maglan, worked as a Senior Manager in Hindustan Lever Limited. Mr. Vijay is a member of Institute of Engineers, American Society for Quality, National Centre for Quality Management, Business Continuity Institute, UK.

Mr. Madan Mohan Taneja

Mr. Madan Mohan Taneja has retired as Vice President of Engineering and Projects. He has 38 years experience in Industry with Union Carbide/ Eveready. He has his contribution in setting up 6 green field plants . He won 4 Govt. of India Safety Awards.

Mr. Ganga Ram Singh

Mr. Ganga Ram Singh has 40 years of experience of Industry and Education and has ritired as Director of MECON (Central Public Sector Enterprise). He has performed a Teaching Assignment at Banaras Engineering College, BHU. He has involved in various projects of Iron and Steels in Syria, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Bangladesh and Nigeria.

Mr. Pramod Kumar Sachdeva

Mr. Parmod Kumar Sachdeva got his specilization in Mechanical Engineering from University of California, U.S.A, 1968. In his 38 years of industrial experience he was the Head of Design and Development at MATCO INCORPORATED, CALIFORNIA, U.S.A, Chief Engineer and Head of R&D Digital Systems Inc. California

Mr. Virender Kumar Gupta

Mr. Virender Kumar Gupta, B.Sc (Mechnaical Engineering) from BHU, with 20 years of experience in Industry and Research, he has worked in Rourkela Steel Plant & Bokaro Steel Plant (SAIL) for 14 years and 6 years in Andhra Steel Corporation. Number of Times he has awarded with Outstanding Performance Award in SAIL.

Mr. Lalit Kumar Mittal

Mr. Lalit Kumar completed his B. Sc. In Mechanical Engineering from BHU in 1967. He has devoted his 39 years in Materials Management, Imports, Exports, Licensing in Chemical and Plastic, Agro Chemical and FMCG Industry.

Mr. Vidhu S. Gairola

Mr. Vidhu S. Gairola has provided 44 years of services in some public and private sector companies of international repute in USA, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Malaysai and India. Mr. Gairola has participated in Alaskan Pipeline Project and provides solution to various problem in General Motors, USA. He has published many books and reserch papers with International Organisations.

Mr. S.C. Arora

Mr. S.C Arora has credit work experience of 45 years in the field of standardization, regulations and confirmity assessment activities. He has worked for Bureau of Indian Standards for 4 Years and 18 years with National Regulatory Body. He also worked as principal consultant, Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry. He has his consultancy in establishment of Nataional Training Institutes.

Mr. Prabhat Kumar

Mr. Prabhat Kumar has 37 years of experience with Central Marketing Organisation of SAIL. He retired as Executive Director ( Vigilance) & Chief Vigilance Officer (CVO) of SAIL . He was the Project Advisor to Indo Spanish Joint Venture Sarralle Equipment India Pvt. Ltd. He is visiting faculty to IIM, MTI (SAIL) and IIFT Kolkata.

Mr. K.S. Jayanth Kumar

Mr. K.S Jayanth Kumar, post graduated from IIM, Calcutta, has 34 years of experience in various industries of Sales and Marketing. He has worked with operationg Mobile Telephone Service Company (BPL Ltd. and BPL US West Cellulat Ltd.)

Mr. Parmod Kumar Kashyap

Mr. parmod Kumar Kashyap, B. Sc Engg. (Electrical) from R.E.C Kurukshetra, has retired as Chief Engineer from PWD B&R after devotion of 33 years of services.

Mr. Surender Chhoker

Mr. Surender Chhoker has his expertise in Thermal Power Stations. In his 35 years of industrial experience he has worked as chief engineer in Thermal Power Station. He also has worked in BBMB.

Mr. Bhimandas Mulchandani

Mr. Bhimandas Mulchandani, B. Sc (Mechanical Engineering) form BHU in 1967, has completed various projects with PWD, Irrigation Department, National Haighway Authority etc. He is a member of Institute of Engineers (M.I.F).

Mr. Vimal S. Mehta

Mr. Vimal S. Mehta, post graduate from Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT) in 1981, has 30 years of experience in project execution in various diverse field. He has involved in various projects and assignments in USA, Various European and African Countries. He is the member of Indian Council of Arbitration, Quality Council of India, All India Management Association.

Mr. Pardeep Kumar Bhardwaj

Mr. Pardeep Kumar Bhardwaj has 39 years of experience in Bharat Electronics Ltd. (BEL)( A Govt. of India Enterprise). He has worked on the most important positions in BEL. He worked as a project manager in setup Indian Army’s First CDMA based Cellular System. Awarded with Executive Director Appreciation Letter in 2007.

Sh. H.C. Disodia

MR. H.C Disodia is Retired IAS officer of 1975 Batch Haryana Cadre.

Mr. K.S.Kasana

Dr. K.S Kasana, Former Professor NIT Kurukshetra has 40 years of teaching experience. He also worked as Dean ( P&D) in NIT Kurukshetra. He has guided 15 Nos. of Phd. Scholar and 20 Nos. of M. Tech Candidates.

Mr. B.L. Arora

Mr. B.L Arora has completed his M. Sc. In Physics in 1974 from KUK, He has served the Technical Education Department of Haryana for 38 years at various levels from Lecturer to Joint Director. He is presently Principal to Polytechnic Institute of TERii.

Mr. Sanjiv Kumar

Mr. Sanjiv has 10 years of teaching and industrial experience in the field of Civil Engineering. He is one of the key faculty in department of civil engineering.

Mr. Pawan Kumar Saini

Mr. Pawan Kumar Saini has served for 32 years in Indian Air Force at different locations on High radars, Communication Systems. He is involved in suprevisory and Directional Level in Worls’s Largest Helicopters. He has recommendations by Commander in Chief. He is presently Administrative Officer in TERii.

Mr. Shri Bhagwan

Mr. Shri Bhagwan is the key faculty of Mathamatics. He has 10 years of experience in teaching. He has qualified various teaching eligibility tests.

Mr. N.K. Sikka

Mr. N.K Sikka, graduate engineer from Banaras Engineering College (BHU) in 1967, has 45 years of teaching and industrial experience. He has worked as Chief Engineer in reputed organisations such as Titagarh Paper Mills, MTC Bearings,NEPA Ltd. Etc.

Mr. Sanjeev Katyal

Mr. Sanjeev Katyal is a seasoned professional with over 3 decades of experience in project management, construction activities. He is certified in Primavera Project Planning Course. He has handled projects such as IPIC Head Quarter Tower in Abu Dhabi, Indigo Tower at JLT, Indigi Icon at JLT. He also worked with Continental Construction Engineer, Iraq.

Dr. S.K. Verma

Fromer Professor NIT Kurukshetra, Dr. S.K Verma has his doctorate from University of Roorkee in Chemistry in 1967. He is a silver medalist in his M.Sc. at University of Roorkee. He has 31 years of experience in Teaching and Research. He got scholarship of Atomic Energy Commision, Bombay in 1965. He has number of publications in International Journals.

Mr. Anil Sood

Mr. Anil Sood, B. Sc ( Electrical Eng.) in 1977 from Kurukshetra University, has served his 38 years in Digital Promoters (India) Pvt. Ltd. He also served Punjab Digital Industrial Systems Ltd. For 2 years.

Mr. Trinkeshwar Kuthiala

Former, Technical Director, Dinspot (India) Pvt. Ltd., within 37 years of his services, Mr. Trinkeshwar Kuthiala has worked as Works Manager with Nissen Transformers Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Arvind Dhawan

Mr. Arvind Dhawan has 41 years experience of Industry . He has worked in manufacturing Automotive and Allied Engineering Components. He has also worked for 4 years in PWD(B&R) as SDE (Mechanical).

Mr. D.K. Garg

Mr. D.K Garg, B.Sc (Civil Engg. ) from RECK in 1979, has worked as SDO and Superintending Engineer in Haryana Irrigation Department. Earlier, he was Teaching assistant in RECK Kurukshetra.

Mr. Kulbhushan Aggarwal

Mr. Kulbhushan, B.Sc. In Mechanical in 1967, has been Lecturer with Technical Education Department, Haryana for almost 35 years.

Mr. Naresh Kumar Gupta

Mr. Naresh Kumar Gupta has served as lecturer in R.E.C., Kurukshetra from 1967 to 1971. He also worked as Surveyor and Loss Assessor gor General Insurance Industry.

Mr. Sudhir Kumar

Mr. Sudhir is working as a Asst. Professor in Mechanical Engineering Department. He has completed his M. Tech with honours from Kurukshera University. He has 5 research papers in his credit in various international journals.

Mr. Karan Vadhera

Er. Karan Vadhera, M.Tech in Civil Engineering with specialization in Transportation engineering. He has 5 years of Industry & Teaching Experience. His energy & dedication along with positive attitude makes him a ideal teacher among student.

Mr. Parveen Kumar

Parveen Kumar Communication Skills and Business Communication Faculty. He is a formar faculty of Amity University Noida. He has over 10 years of experience in Communication Skills Teaching and Training. He has been the Founder of UniSkills School of Skill Development and is an expert in Employability Enhancement, Educational Technology and EduSoMedia.

Mr. Sandeep Malik

Mr. Sandeep Malik has 8 years of teaching experience.He is M.Tech in Electronics & communication. His area of specialisation is Embedded system, Microprocessor, Digital signal processing and Engineering physics.

Mr Ankit aggarwal

Mr Ankit aggarwal has 6 year teaching experience.he has expertise on SMCS.Network management technique.he has many publication in international journal and also editorial board of member in Elsevier journal and other.

Mr Pardeep Sadyan

He is an M.Tech. Mechanical Engineering with specialisation in Industrial Production. He has five years of teaching experience along with rich exposure to academic content development in engineering domain. He has been a guide to various projects of students. He has published 05 Research Papers in international journals.

Mr. Prashant Sharma

I am Prashant Sharma, M. Tech from Deen Bandhu Chotu Ram University of Science and Technology, Murthal. My specialization is in Power system. I have special interest in Renewable energy sources like biogas, solar energy etc. I have a teaching experience of 3.5 years.


PRATIK SINGH Mtech* in industrial and production engineering from galaxy global group of colleges. Have 2years 3 month experience of teaching. Have dedicated and tireless teaching abilities

Miss Aanchal

Miss Aanchal has 6 months of teaching experience. She is M.Sc Mathematics from Kurukshetra University

Ms. Vandna

Ms. Vandna has 8 years of teaching experience.She is M.Sc. Physics. Her area of specialisation is Nuclear Physics and Engineering physics.

Manoj Garg

I am Manoj Garg, M. Tech from GIMT kanipala Kurukshetra My specialization is in Power system. I published two paper first in International conference of IEEE and second in international journal .I have special interest in MATLAB programming and Virtual lab

Mr. Himanshu Kashyap

Mr. Himanshu Kashyap, B.Tech, M. Tech from Kurukshetra University with specialization in Design & Automation. He has over eight years of teaching experience.

Ms. Shubhanshi Singhal

Ms. Shubhanshi Singhal did her B.Tech. and M.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering from UPTU Lucknow and Kurukshetra University Kurukshetra in 2015 and 2017 respectively. She has published 3 research papers, 2 out of them are in well-reputed scopus indexed journals. She has expertise in Data Structure and Digital Electronics.


I Ashima M.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from Kurukshetra University Kurukshetra. Total 3.5 year experience. 2.5 year academic experience and 1 year college experience.

Rooz Munjal

I Rooz Munjal M.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from Kurukshetra University Kurukshetra. I have a teaching experience of 3 years.


I Sakshi M.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from ITM, Gurgaon. I have a teaching experience of 1 year.

Himanshi Ashri

I Himanshi Ashri M.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from Kurukshetra University Kurukshetra. I have a teaching experience of 1 year.

Ovais Ahmad Wani

I Ovais Ahmad Wani MBA in Marketing finance from Punjab Technical University. Total 5 year experience Marketing & Teaching.

Ms. Nitika chaudhary

Ms. Nitika chaudhary did Mba in Finance and Mcom from University school of management, kurukshetra university. Having 1.5 years of teaching experience. Very hard working and competent employee

Mr. Navneet Singh

Mr. Navneet Singh has degree in Business Administration and Diploma in Marketing Management,He is an Ex Banker and working as Assistant Professor in Management Department.

Kavita Sharma

I am Kavita Sharma, MTech from HCTM Campus, Kaithal. My specialization is in power electronics and drives. I have a teaching experience of 5 years. I have special interest in power electronics and power system.

Ms. Enna Sharma

I Ms. Enna Sharma (MBA HR & Marketing ) from Kurukshetra University Kurukshetra & M.Com from GJU, Hissar. I have a Teaching experience of 4.5 years.

Ms. Neera Garg

I Ms. Neera Garg MBA (Finance) from NIT Kurukshetra. I have a Teaching experience of 1 year.

Mr. Sunil Kumar Patel

Mr.Sunil Kumar Patel has pursued graduation in Business Administration. He is working as Assistant Professor and has Mastered over Finance Subjects.

Mr. Parveen Kumar

Mr. Parveen Kumar, M.Tech from NIT Kurukshetra with specialization in Thermal Engineering. He has over 4.5 years of teaching experience.


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