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Knowledge and learning should always goes hand to hand. There are so many things to learn as well as to teach. We at TERii believe that we over burdening a child just to attain good marks in the exam will definitely get him his first job but the overall performance of the students during their education actually help them to get a good career.

At TERii, the faculty is strictly monitored not to over burden or pressurize the children for attaining good marks. Rather, the students are motivated to spend more time in the labs and workshops to attain more practical exposure. Bookish knowledge is just the concept; once we understand it; we don’t need to mug it, rather we need to implement it in different ways to attain something new out of it.

Students at TERii love this culture and are very pro-active in all co-curricular activities and sports. Their enthusiasm has made us so proud with the laurels they have achieved. Our faculty is also no behind taking initiatives for the students to make them participate in various events. Here is a brief on the same with reference to our most senior faculty member and our Honorable Advisor Sir, Dr. M.P. Gupta.

Prof. N.K. Sikka 9Over 40 years industry exp, Former GM-NEPA – a PSU, Govt. of India. He Heads the Mechanical Engineering, is a BHU Graduate in Mechanical Engineering. Prof. Sikka also leads the Engineering Innovations at TERii and guides students – without any time limits – like him, many other faculties at TERii are available beyond the classroom to students.

Anywhere, Knowledge and Expertise can be gained and that too in a very supportive atmosphere.

Along with the eminent scholars, the Advisor of TERii, Prof. (Dr.) M. P. Gupta, Director (Retd.) Technical Education Haryana & Uttrakhand provides guidance to students as well as to teachers. Dr. M. P. Gupta knows better than anyone what it means to get Technical Education and how to make a really good career after engineering.

Hence, any student studying under their guidance gets a guarantee that their career is at no harm!

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