Chairperson’s Message

Engineers and managers shall have to become multiple intelligence persons who are technological persons, social persons, economic persons, political persons, cultural persons, learning persons, and even contextualized persons. Therefore, the traditional education with narrow focus on one or two types of intelligence will not meet the challenges and needs of the future anymore. TERII envisions the overall development of the students through its comprehensive academic and para academic curriculum. I extend a cordial invitation to the students and parents to visit the campus and witness the vigorous academic atmosphere which is ably complimented by the exemplary opportunities of moral, cultural and physical development of every student.

Warm regards,
Garima Gupta

Secretary’s Message

Our institute has a reputation of providing quality education and at the same time maintaining high moral standards. Right from the day, a student becomes part of TERII family, we make sure that every effort is put in to provide the best of education and help in overall personality development. With our efforts of providing excellent facilities like Transport, well equipped labs, well maintained library and above all, highly dedicated and meritorious faculty, we at TERII, intend to give the best to our students.

Also we make sustained efforts so that our students become useful for the nation by serving society and also to the humanity at large. We expect our students to utilize their education for the positive benefit of the industry, which we ensure by providing placement and training to our students. This helps in making them familiar with the working of the industry.

Warm regards,
Aditya Gupta

Advisor’s Message

I strongly believe that learning is possible by doing things and not merely by knowing things. Until and unless learning solutions relate to real life and motivate the learner to construct the knowledge by doing, the whole process remains superficial. For that to happen, necessarily, the overall enabling culture in the campus of an educational institution has to be developed.

The practices like open communication, transparency, team work, high level of responsibility, hard work, and above all, ‘The Harmony’ amongst the Management, The Faculty & Staff and the Students, towards Vision, Mission, and Policies;’ really help to develop the requisite culture.

I have made my effort in Technology Education & Research Integrated Institutions at Kurukshetra, Haryana, India and could develop the enabling culture for learning by doing.

This very distinct culture of TERII allows and equips its students to become industry ready professionals not only to adopt the present day challenges but to become multi intelligence persons for the future and to take individual responsibilities to the society and our nation at large.

It is a proud moment for me to see thousands of our passouts during past 10 glorious years of establishment and working successfully in industry/ other establishments in India and abroad and privilege for our team to facilitate thousands of students pursuing education in TERII where the intent is to integrate all dimensions of education from Pre-Nursery to +2, from skill development to Polytechnic, from B.Tech to BBA and MBA under one umbrella.

Warm Regards,
Dr MP Gupta

Director’s Message

Today’s students are incapable of taking decision on fixing their goals, and hence fail to achieve prosperity in life. It is because, we have failed to create their inward being, pull them out of the darkness they are in. for we messed-up with the exposure they were entitled to start with. It must be the outcome of sheer negligence on the part of the society they are born and brought-up in. We failed to let them understand the importance of intrinsic values of life. It is essential to create institutions that are examples of excellence at par with the best in the world by raising average quality of higher education coupled with pedagogy. The realization of this objective, coupled with access is expected to develop the skills and capabilities we need to transform future India into knowledge, socioeconomic growth and a worthy society. We need to go about the issue of immense gravity, so that institutions become temples of learning and creativity rather than mare producers of stereotypes. The sole Endeavour of TERII is to lead our students from darkness to light, to free them from every kind of domination except that of reason. The social values and the economy are the fruits of higher education. This perception is aimed to be cultivated among the students of Technological Education and Research Integrated Institute that will help them get the life style they wish to lead and yield the socioeconomic growth and prosperity of the region.

And so I pray to the O! God help me to understand each child to lead that innocence through the paths of wonders and wisdom, not of fear.

Warm Regards,
Dr. Sagar Gulati


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