In case an admitted student withdraws his/her admission before the start of the course, the entire fee deposited by him will be refunded after deducting a Processing Fee of Rs. 1000/-. If the student withdraws admission after the start of the course but before the final cut-off date for admission, the college will return the fee after proportionate deduction of fee/charges. As per the decision of the Hon’ble Supreme Court/ competent authority, no admission can be made by the Institute to fill a vacancy that may arise after the cut-off date of admission notified by the institute/competent authority, as the case may be. Therefore, in case of withdrawal after the cut-off date of admission notified by the competent authority, the seat so vacated will continue to remain unfilled for the balance years of the program. In view thereof, in case of any withdrawal after the cut-off date, no fee, by whatsoever name called is refundable under any circumstances.


Since no mid-course admissions can be made by the Institute to fill a vacancy caused by a mid-course withdrawal, no objection certificate for a mid-course withdrawal shall only be given by the Institute to a student after he/she has deposited the balance years tuition/development and other charges and any other dues outstanding in the name of student.


All the students admitted to TERii will be under the complete disciplinary control of the Director/Principal or any other officer(s) so appointed by the management. The students must conduct themselves in accordance with the institution’s Conduct Rules/Hostel Rules/Transport Rules, etc. as notified from time to time. Candidates seeking admission in TERii have to give an undertaking that they will abide by the rules and regulations of the institute and any action in this regard by the Director/Principal shall be final. Any student indulging in any of the forbidden practices may attract any of the disciplinary measures like: Cancellation of Scholarship/Free-ship/(in part or in whole, temporarily or permanently),Fine, Suspension, Expulsion or Rustication, Downgrading Character. The acts which shall be construed as forbidden practices are: Disfiguring or damaging institutional property; Smoking in Classroom, Laboratory, Hostel or within the campus; Use of drugs or any other intoxicants except on prescription by a Doctor; Any form of gambling; Use of violence in any form; Using unfair means in tests, exams and assignments; Any offence of cognizable nature; Any other conduct unbecoming of a student of the Institution; and Ragging in any form.


We have grown by leaps and bounds yet the most basic structure of society is showing steady of improvement. Eve teasing is a complex problem and it requires more attention that what it has actually got. We at TERii have zero tolerance for Eve Teasing.
Every man needs to be aware of ‘how to treat a woman’.  What’s the point of education if the people are not even willing to respect women? The answer lies in changing the mindset and inculcating morals and values in our education system.
We, at TERii, believe moral education is as important as the professional education we provide. As an institution we understand our duty to provide society with well mannered  and conscious human beings.

We also believe women needs to be empowered to fight back. It’s time to get up and raise voice. We teach them, although, we can always pretend to ignore all the lewd comments but things would be much better if you can just look straight into the eyes of the offender and speak up.


Caste discrimination takes on insidious forms in higher education institutions across the country.In the rarefied, erudite spaces of higher learning, caste-discrimination is covert and for a student to itself fight institutionalised hostility and indifference is very difficult.

Discrimination in higher education is a “very serious” issue, it stems from the strong biases. We at TERii provide extra cooperation to our students so that the arrogance in urban areas do not kill their confidence as many come from rural areas and are first generation learners.

Also, being an institution where our focus is not only make professionals but good human beings this is our responsibility and we follow it in a disciplined manner. If anyone defies there is a committee which is mentioned above look into all the matters. Our management is extremely sensitive towards these issues and very accessible to each and every TERiian, more than management its like a FAMILY and elders are always there to take up the issues.


The students are advised to attend lecture, tutorial, practical, project, and seminar etc.  classes regularly and appear in all the three sessional tests to avoid detention and to maximize their learning. They are further advised to attend/participate/ interact in co-curricular activities, extra-curricular activities, celebrations, placement activities, tours & excursions, guest & expert lectures etc. for holistic development.


Students are expected to attend every class and activity scheduled for that day. Students should be in their seats at the start of each class period.  Late arrivals and early departures must sign in/out in the main office.


Parents must call or send a note for any absence no later than two days following the student’s return to college.

Notes for absences, late arrivals or early departures should include the following:

  • Student’s name
  • Dates and time of the absence
  • Reason for the absence
  • Parent’s signature

Legitimate reasons for excused absences include:  student illness, death in the family, doctor or dental appointment, or observance of religious holiday.  Examples of unexcused absence reasons include:  family and/or student trip, nonschool-related activities, missed bus, oversleeping or traffic.


Students arriving late must report to the main office.  An excused tardy pass will be given if the student has a note or the parent has called.  Students are responsible for any work missed.


Students should bring a parent note to the main office in the morning with the date, time and reason for leaving college. Parents may call the attendance line with the date, time and reason but the student must come to the main office to receive a pass to leave class and to sign out. Students who leave without checking out will be marked unexcused. Parents may come to the office to sign a student out but students are not paged during the day or the classroom called.


Student brings to the main office a parent note with absence dates and reason and they will be given the prearranged absence form.  Students get teachers’ signatures on the form as part of a discussion of assignments, tests or quizzes they will miss and the schedule for make – up.  The student is expected to complete 50% of work missed prior to leaving.  This make-up plan must be agreed to with the teacher.  Prearranged absences may be requested two weeks before the absence.  The form should be turned in to the attendance office at least two days before the absence.  The parent note must be attached to the form or the form will be rejected by the administrator.


The institute has a well defined dress code and identity card. All the students are required to attend the institute in proper uniform and identity card. No students will be allowed to attend the classes without uniform and identity card.


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