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Sports Meet 2k19 at TERII

Sports Meet 2k19 – Sports teach you to understand the meaning of a team. You need to be able to work with everybody; you don’t have to be their best friend. You can experience the fun of competition and driving toward a common goal without pushing to bond in some major way with each individual on a project. It teaches you the rules, it teaches you to know what it feels like to win and lose-it teaches you about life. Well, that’s the reason we always make SPORTS MEET a significant part of our curriculum.

In the 13th sports meet of TERII, from basketball to kabaddi, from badminton to cricket, from chess to tug of war, from races to football, umpteen games were organized.

Undoubtedly, the faculty members and the teachers participated in the true sportsman spirit. Their all energetic spirits, happy faces and the supportive spirit in one and all added grace to the event. Mr. Gurcharan was the co-ordinator of this extremely well directed sports meet. The astonishing part was that not only students but the faculty members earned the medals and certificates of appreciation. And definitely, the commentary by Tauseef and Zia Khan acted as a cherry on the top.


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