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Students  Attendance In Technical Institutes Is Significant !

College life – Oh you mean fun and enjoyment ?

Indeed college life seems to be the most fascinating and tempting part of the life but major portion of the students overlook the fact that this is the remarkably symbolic phase for career construction. They want to be free on one hand enjoying the life and on the other hand wants to touch the sky heights! How can this be possible with such attitude?

The institutes have to mandatory devise the criteria of 70-75% attendance obligatory in order to force the students to attend the classes. The situations faced becomes so harsh that they have coerce them in the form of imposing fines only for the reason that they attend the classes.To the young minds of my country, what do you feel that this attending classes is indispensable for the college? No! Absolutely no! The classes are meant for the augmentation of the students. The students in this phase find the lectures boring and seems to lose interest in them but they should understand the significance of how important these classes are for their betterment.

There are assorted reasons that claim to visualize the desideratum of attending the classes:

•  Superior understanding of concepts

When you attend the classes, the concept clarity gets multiplied. That face to face interaction and the way in which the concepts are explained in the classes are comparatively comprehensive in relation to individual learning. This leads to superior grasping of the concepts.

•  Retained and on the spot learning

When you learn in a group, the science proves that the process of learning rather than cramming takes place. The learning and retaining of the concepts are generally related with the some incident. The lectures equivocally plays an eminent role in learning of the concepts and retaining them so that they can be put to use. When you learn the concepts just before exams, the chances are that one will forget them in a while. It’s the learning that will boost your knowledge and not the cramming.

•  Important questions

Tutors/Educators carry expertise in their field. They know that which concepts are important from the exam point or from the future growth point and which are not. Their guidance can assist you getting higher grades and better future. But this is possible if the student attends the lectures and have the capability to fetch the significant highlights discussed.

•  360 degree development

Classroom teachings are not only mandatory for concept clarity but also for diverse reasons. The other reasons can be the enhancement of communication skills, presentation skills, time management skills, and so many other skills that makes your worth enhanced.

•  Gaining of extraneous knowledge

When you learn from internet you learn a few things but when you learn from the classroom teaching you learn a lot many of the things. From the recent trends to the things what exams one should appear for better future and the tactics to clear, all the extraneous knowledge is yet another reason why attendance is significant in technical education.

•  Improved personality

When you interact with humans, some may be seniors having more know how and some may be juniors with know how, you get to learn numerous things leading to enhanced personality.

•  More learning low cramming

When the doubts get clarified in details, learning is focused. When you try to learn and grasp everything in short and in one go, all that take place is cramming which have no significance in long run when it comes to technical education.

•  Hands on sessions are highly beneficial when compared to online studies

When you study online, all you can learn is via seeing, but when you have to put those learning in practical, the things are all different. Especially, when it is related to technical education which works on laboratories, experiments and projects.

Above stated were a few reasons that mandates the requirement of attending classes. One esteemed Technical Education Administrator, Dr. M.P. Gupta, Former Director Technical Education in Haryana, with more than 45 years of experience, claims that the academic score of a student is directly proportional to the attendance of the student in the classes. Undoubtedly, if such an experienced personality claims the significance of attendance then one can understand the worth of attendance in technical education institutes.

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