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TERii- A Campus with zero Eve Teasing

TERii- A Campus with zero Eve Teasing

TERii A Campus with zero Eve Teasing

Indian society- historically a male dominated society!

A society, where education was meant only for the men and the domestic chores were meant only for the women, has now transformed a little from being male dominated to equal rights to both men and women. The mindset of being a MALE – being a MASTER is still prevailing in the youth too!

What a shame! In the modern era where women have tried to break the centuries of shackles by venturing into male dominated areas, we are still worried about the issue of EVE TEASING.

Being competent enough, the parents don’t feel secure enough to send their girls alone to the coaching classes, schools or other areas just because of the issues of eve teasing. The western culture have taken over our mind only when it comes to clothing but when it comes to giving equal freedom, touching the sky limits, performing better than the males, where’s that westernisation gone? One can find the newspapers and news channels repleted with the incidents of eve teasing. From the incidents of using vulgar comments for girls to following them to acid attacks, the eve teasing has been a rock hard hindrance in the development of our society.

We talk of women empowerment all the time, but is there anyone who thinks that without abolishing the perils of eve teasing, we can empower the the women? No!

Descrying the need of the hour, how significant it is to get the girls educated, TERii has made every effort for the protection of the girl students. Not only imparting the education related to the subjects but also imparting the moral education has been the whole sole reason for zero eve teasing rate in TERii.

TERii believes that Until and unless  the society cannot respect women and embrace them with equal rights and opportunities, the society cannot grow.

The TERiians , no matter girls or boys, they work together, participate together, undergo healthy competition, make projects together, play together, take food in common mess  and most of all – Respect for the dignity of each other. The aura being rendered has somewhere been able to eradicate that male dominating mindset of the students. The senior most officer in the campus Dr. M. P. Gupta, personality ensure Zero Eve Teasing and none has tolerance for Eve Teasing in TERii Campus Kurukshetra.

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