Thousands of years before the pages of history recorded the world of mankind, here philosophy, religion and learning held great meaning, one such land that was spoken of with great reverence was Kurukshetra. The cradle of vedic civilization, Kurukshetra its 48 Kms hid in its fold 360 places of pilgrimage. It was on this land Lord Brahma created man and the universe, say legends! Where that king Kuru, that great Aryan gave supreme sacrifice for the land and where lord Krishna propounded the philosophy of Bhagwad Gita. This holy land defines the true scale of life like Karma, desireless action, Gyaan the supreme knowledge and Bhakti the devotion in the light of Gita. Bridging the rich past and present, on the eve of Gita Jayanti, every year Gita Mahotsav organized at huge scale and this year marked as International Gita Mahotasv invites people from all over the world.

TERii was founded with a mission to impart education. The institution works on the philosophy of Bhagwat Gita wherein the efforts should always be done, rest God will shower blessings on you. We work hard so that our students should not work hard while looking for a job!

TERII is located in Kurukshetra in state of Haryana (India). The ancient city has a rich historical legacy and is revered as one of the bastions of the Mahabharata age. Dotted with ancient temples and redolent with the whiff of scholarly pursuits, Kurukshetra has always been a cultural and educational hub. In modern times too, the city has emerged as an important educational centre boasting of prominent learning avenues such as the Kurukshetra University, NIT, TERII, many good schools, colleges, Gurukuls etc.

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