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Which is the best college of computer science and engineering in Kurukshetra, Haryana?

Which is the best college of Computer Science and Engineering in Kurukshetra, Haryana?

Choices for which is the best college for computer science and engineering in Kurukshetra, Haryana depends on assorted factors.

Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) is an academic program at some universities that integrates the fields of computer engineering and computer science. CSE-  sub-field of electronic engineering, covering only the digital aspects of electronics engineering, specializing in hardware-systems areas like computer architecture, processor design, high-performance computing, parallel processing, computer networks and embedded systems.

Due to agile up gradation of technology, there has been an over emphasis on this section of engineering. And obviously with the ever changing environment, it is the need of the hour to have increased number of engineers excelling in their fields so that they are be conducive enough to let India be in pace with other countries on the way to modernization and conceiving of technology. Though there are colleges in abundance rendering the Btech CSE course, but there is certainly something our education system is being incompetent at and that is the reason that despite of numerous degree holders, not all of them are able to hold an adequate position in the industry that carry weight age to assist the country in the way to modernization.
Our education system is certainly lacking in imparting the quality education and that is the reason we need to upgrade ourself and the education system with the requirements of the rapidly changing environment.

CSE mandate focus on industrial programming, machine learning, learning of various languages for artificial intelligence, and so on and on. TERii, understanding the need of the market, is offering over and above what is generally offered by the colleges of Computer Science and Engineering. The add ons rendered by TERii are-


Being in intact relations with the market, TERii focus highly on learning the industrial programming that can actually help them in their career.


Learning with practical tutoring is must for retaining and for the implementation of the knowledge gained. For the better understanding and retention, TERii believes more on the hands on sessions on most of the concepts.


As the artificial intelligence is substituting the requirement of the humans, in order to maintain our survival in the industry, it’s mandatory to be well versed with the varied languages of artificial intelligence.

A special programming language which is hardly tutored in engineering colleges. But TERii feels delighted to share that we are actively imparting the complete knowledge about this language to our students.


It must be surprising for many that TERii have its own IT Cell, which is usually found in the companies and not in the colleges. All the work related to IT is completed under the self owned and devised IT cell.


Amazingly, both the teachers and the students work on all the aspects of IT and always come up with innovative solutions. As a vibrant institution, excessively focusses on Corporate Social Responsibility, the team of students and teachers have made websites for various villages under “Unnat Bharat Mission”. Moreover, no work is outsourced related to digital platforms. All the work is collaboratively done encouraging high participation of students.


TERii is associated with different IITs and helps the students to gain certification from IITs on the basis of enormous short term courses. TERii’s association with IIT via NPTEL from last few years has proved to be a boon for students in order to improve their worth and employability.


Virtual labs means the labs that assist you to do all the experiments virtually rather than doing them manually. TERii has been a vibrant centre for virtual labs in association with IITs. Being equipped with updated technology is always a boon.


INDUSTRIAL TOURS/ VISITS the most earnestly followed practice in TERii !
Without denying the fact we agree that the students put on all their force to learn whatever is taught in the academics section but one cannot rely only on books for the 360 degree development of the students. It’s utterly important to receive the knowledge of industry.


The faculty teaching in TERii includes majorly the graduates of IITs and NITs and those who carry huge industrial experience. This combination of faculty leads to better tutoring practices in the institute.


Even after having umpteen positives in its basket, the fee structure is kept quite low in order to impart education to more and more lads for the better future.

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