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Which is the best college for EEE?

Which is the best college for eee

Which is the best college for EEE?

Electrical and Electronics Engineering is a highly professional engineering discipline that generally deals with the study and application of electrical, electronics and communication engineering. The one who aspire to become an Electrical and Electronics Engineer always have a question in his mind, which is the best college of EEE?

Well, The definition of best is different for every single individual. Some might find IITs or NITs as the best and some might find some state university to be the best. Although, IITs and NITs have distinguished themselves by setting themselves as a benchmark. Due to rapid industrialization, automation and robotics with artificial intelligence,  the need for the electrical and electronics engineers have raised tremendously. The major areas to be focused upon are energy generation/transmission/distribution, electrical machines, control system, power system, analog and digital electronics, computers, logic design, electromagnetic, communication engineering etc. Unfortunately, considering it to be the basics, umpteen colleges and institutes fail to focus on these subjects leading to creating of inefficient engineers!

With the increased usage of automation, the necessity of electrical engineers have raised too. Any deficiency in regard to the KSA ( Knowledge, skills and abilities) required can lead to massive destruction. So, rather than focusing on only degree-provider colleges, we should be more concerned about quality rendering institutions. Although, it’s hard to find out the best college but there are a few main parameters on which TERii proves itself to be considered in the list of the ACTUALLY BEST colleges for EEE. The parameters are:


The umpteen significance is to be given to the understanding of the concepts and actually applying them practically in order to figure out whether the actual results are fruitful or futile. The institute focuses on the formation of motors, transformers, electrical machines and other electrical and electronics  devices.


Forming of the model is one activity and figuring out the fault is even more significant. The tutors are so much focused and the aura is so vibrant that the teachers and the students converse freely in regard to fault detection and clearing the doubts.


Generally, in theoretical part one type of wiring is taught but TERii, in order to make their students excel, teaches them different types of wiring like household wiring, go down wiring etc, not only theoretically but also practically.


The champs in TERii are encouraged to work rigorously on the projects and present them in numerous exhibitions. There are different projects that have been produced by the students like automated light sensor which are presented in various exhibitions. This presentation not only showcase the efforts of the students but also motivates them labor even harder.


The basic concept on which the whole model’s success and failure depends is electrical drawing . Assuming it to be the basic, most of the institutes fail to understand its relevance and hence give very little significance which leads to the making of incompetent engineers.


TERii is associated with different IITs and helps the students to gain certification from IITs on the basis of enormous short term courses. TERii’s association with IIT via NPTEL from last few years has proved to be a boon for students in order to improve their worth and employability.


Virtual labs means the labs that assist you to do all the experiments virtually rather than doing them manually. TERii has been a vibrant centre for virtual labs in association with IITs. Being equipped with updated technology is always a boon.


INDUSTRIAL TOURS/VISITS the most earnestly followed practice in TERii !
Without denying the fact we agree that the students put on all their force to learn whatever is taught in the academics section but one cannot rely only on books for the 360 degree development of the students. It’s utterly important to receive the knowledge of industry.


TERii is equipped with all sort of labs required for  performing the experiments. The electrical labs posses all the tools, equipments and machinery that is generally not available with any private college.


The faculty teaching in TERii includes majorly the graduates of IITs and NITs and those who carry huge industrial experience. This combination of faculty leads to better tutoring practices in the institute.


Even after having umpteen positives in its basket, the fee structure is kept quite low in order to impart education to more and more lads for the better future. One can also check the other courses available in  Terii on given link 

Registrations for B.Tech, MBA, BBA and Diploma courses are open. One can register oneself at One can even book a seat by paying a token amount of INR 10,000 and the rest amount can be done after the student joins. Have a look at the placements and infrastructure of the institute and decide the best for you!

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