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BVoc & DVoc in TERii

Bachelors of Vocational Education (BVoc) & Diploma of Vocational Education (DVoc) inaugurated in TERii with session 2019-20

With little awareness, India is a country with limitless skills and competence! But what’s the use of these skills if they cannot fetch you a good sum for your maintained living standard?

Well comprehending the exigency of the awareness that is necessitated in the youth, TERii , with the approval of AICTE, has introduced BVOC and DVOC courses in varied streams that will help the students with the qualifications 12th pass and 10th pass respectively, to get admitted into these vocational degree courses and fetch a handsome amount after placements to struct their standard of living.

Most of the students are unaware of the term vocational education, career education or technical education. To their knowledge, all the terms mean that education that prepares people to work as a perfectionist in terms of the physical skills in various jobs such as a trade or a craft. We can say it is a modernized phrase of the old age apprenticeship. The students are taught about every single technical aspect concerned with that technical area like graphics and multimedia, automobile etc.

Everyone is keen to be in professional courses but do all the students become professional? No! Professional courses try to touch and render you brief knowledge of all the areas, leaving the mediocre students to be inefficient in all the areas.

For such students, BVoc and DVoc degrees are the bronzes. Agree to this fact or not! But India really needs the students who are perfectionist in their areas! Before managers we require people who can actually do the right work and the work rightly. Whom will you manage if people are not able and competent enough to work?

We need to admit that India needs such courses and only on these parameters and the performance of TERii in technical and management education delivering, AICTE has approved the project of initiating the BVOC & DVOC courses in TERii. The list of the courses are as under:

The courses for B.Voc are:

1. Software Development.
2. Graphics and Multimedia.
3. Automotive Manufacturing Technology
4. BFSI.

1. Automobile Servicing
2. Production Technology
3. Automotive Manufacturing Technology
4. Industrial Tool Manufacturing

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