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Mileage of Regular Classes over Non Attending Classes

Mileage of Regular Classes over Non- Attending Classes

Mileage of Regular Classes over Non- Attending Classes

Mileage of Regular Classes over Non Attending Classes

Well! It’s hard to figure out why students are jumping to the decision of non attending admissions when they have enormous to fetch from attending the classes? It’s the high time they need to contemplate that a degree without knowledge & skills is a complete WASTE! No one will hire you! And in case someone hires you, they will fire you because you don’t have the required skills and competence. So, dear lads! you need to understand that apart from degrees, college teaches you N number of things that cannot be learnt without college. There’s a lot that a college is rendering you but you are not regarding it-

Face to Face learning:

Learning the syllabus is one thing and learning the body language, social traits, attitude and behavior is yet another added on benefit.

Spot query solution:

While going through the syllabus, students are faced with varied queries that may be related to the syllabus or out of it. Getting the query answered at the point it arises makes the doubt much clearer.


When you represent yourself as a regular student of the college, undoubtedly your reputation in the eyes of beholder enhances to a certain extent.

Acquiring new skills/technology:

When you are in unremitting contact with the teachers and the your peer group, you get to know about the ultramodern technologies proximal ultimo in the market. The more you’ll know the more you’ll be able to grasp and exploit.

Social interaction:

To be a boon to the society, you need to be a socially desirable asset. When you come to the college, you interact with your seniors, faculty, the officials and others, you get to learn a lot about the behavior, values and attitude expected and accepted in the society.

Time management:

Another important aspect that college teaches you is time management. From classes to studies to fun to extra curricular activities, being active in everything makes the students learn the skills of time management.

More support:

The student who attends the classes regularly gains all the support from the teachers and the management as a sort of relationship develops in between them.

College aura:

This is the high time when you have got the time and the opportunity to enjoy the lights, study, groups, friends, fashion and everything. Let yourself be embraced with the updated trends.

Knowledge about important aspects:

There are assorted competitive exams and courses available that are highly beneficial for the students. The guides and educators can help you out much more than anyone else can. When you are in the uninterrupted contact with the educators, they can guide you better than anyone else can.

There are numerous perks of attending the classes regularly. This is the high time to avail these perks. The time once gone will never be back. The Advisor of the college, Dr. M.P. Gupta, places a special focus on ensuring the regular attending of the classes by the students as he is firm believer of the fact that attendance can improve a student’s knowledge, skills, academic scores and placements.  One can register themselves for this course at

TERii Kurukshetra does not encourage non attending students!

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