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What a wonderful day it was!

We feel ecstatic to share the accomplishment of “ONE DAY STATE LEVEL WORKSHOP ON VIRTUAL LABS” conducted by TERii(being Nodal Centre of IIT Delhi). We felt illustrious having the esteemed dignitaries from IIT DELHI with us.

The dignitaries that supplemented embellishment were:
1. Mr. Tanmay Das, Outreach Incharge Virtual Labs
2. Mr. Prateek Sharma, Sr. Field Engineer
3. Mr. Ashish Mudgil, Sr. field Engineer
4. Mr Ashish Ranjan, Sr. field Engineer

The workshop was supervised under Er. Rajesh Kumar, Head of Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering in TERii and encompassed two sessions. Entries for the workshop was allowed not only from within the campus but also outside the campus. Faculty from 8 technical institutes attended the workshop. The workshop started on an extremely positive wave. Wherein the first session, the dignitaries conferred about the significance and the other important aspects related to VIRTUAL LABS. Over and above the basics about the virtual labs, the dignitaries conferred how can an institute become the nodal centre and add to the development of the society by tutoring the students to make use of the benefits of the virtual labs for the advancements.

The second session was the “hands on” session. The participants were actually rendered the know how about the usage of the Virtual labs, the aids and other numerous aspects. They were coached how to make the use of Virtual labs for better understanding and optimum utilization of resources. For the conducive environs, the participants were served lunch and evening tea. The closing ceremony took place with the distribution of certificates to all the participants. The efforts by the managing team which comprised of faculty members as well as students were discernible appreciable.

Undoubtedly, it was a workshop worth the precious time and definitely knowledge booster for all. Looking forward for numerous such workshops and serving for the society’s advancements.



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