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TERii Kurukshetra Grand Convocation

TERii Kurukshetra Convocation 2019!

Convocation is the rite of passage from boyhood to manhood, from a student to a responsible citizen of a world. Convocation day is one of the most critical milestones of your life. It is the time to put on your black gown and collect the hard-earned degree. Till now students have been protected, their sins pardoned but from tomorrow onwards they are on their own.

Students have been trained sufficiently to face challenges of life manfully. Students are in the elite fraternity of graduates with less than three percent of the population .Their actions words, deeds, will reflect not only on themselves but also on your alma mater.

There are certain moments in life which are etched on memory for ever. Getting your degree is one such moment you will frame the photograph. One evening in the twilight of your life surrounding by your grand children you will tell them story of young handsome face clutching a degree in black robes will tell them dreams of youth, of its idealism , of its desire to make a better world.


On 24th of February, 2019 TERii had its convocation, presided by Dr. M. P. Gupta, Advisor TERii and Chaired by Prof. Ganeshi Lal , His Excellency, Governor of Odisha.

Students were in their academic gowns and caps along with their proud parents were seated in the assembly.

It was a glittering affair which began at 11:00 a.m. with the procession composed of  Prof. Ganeshi Lal , His Excellency, Governor of Odisha, Prof. (Dr.) MP Gupta, Advisor TERii, Mrs. Garima Gupta, Chairperson TERii, Er. Aditya Gupta, Secretary TERii, Sh. Jagdish Mittal President Rashtriya Kavi Sangam, Er. Alok Prakash Mittal, Member Secretary AICTE, Sh Ramesh Agarwal Chairman Agarwal Packers and Movers, Ms Sumedha Kataria IAS, DC Panipat,  Sh. Rakesh Chhabra Chairman Rai Industries, Dr. Priyanka Gupta, BOG TERii, Dr. Sagar Gulati , Director TERii, Prof. Vivek Sharma, Academic Director, TERI Public School, Mr. KC Sethi, Council Member IE (India) and Mr. Vimal Mehta (Renowned International Artist & President FIPA).

The convocation started with the Welcome Address by Advisor TERii followed by presidential Address by Chairperson TERii. The best possible Convocation Address by Prof Ganeshi Lal , Governor of Odisha, Chief Guest !

Sh. Jagdish Mittal, President Rashtriya Kavi Sangam, Sh. Alok Prakash Mittal,Member Secretary AICTE, Sh Ramesh Agarwal Chairman Agarwal Packers and movers, Ms Sumedha Kataria IAS, Sh. Rakesh Chhabra Chairman Rai Industries Association were the Guests of Honors !

Total 152 graduates conferred degrees !

It was also an occasion for the students to meet their professors as equals, and to thank them for the education imparted.

Finally this emotional and solemn moment came to an end as all good things do, with a communal lunch. The Students who completed their degree from TERii, we wish them good luck to face the real challenges of world.



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