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The Challenge of Education in the Modern World, Contemporary life is deeply influenced by rapid technological progress as well as environmental and social crises. Faced with unpredictable change and insecurity, the young generation is easily influenced by materialistic values and the moral degradation of our times. Must they accept this world as it is? Academic pressures, peer pressures, parental expectations and media influence leave very little room for independent thinking and a wholesome growing up. Must they grow up in order to fit into society or can they learn to question deeply what they see…?

Whether it is about the curriculum or extra curriculum, we at TERII make sure our students get practical training to face the outer world. We are providing them the environment to take risks, think, innovate and create, while giving the required cocoon like protection. Our endeavor is to illustrate the inter-relationship of all human knowledge and to emphasize the need for learning to be seen as a lifelong process. To foster an appreciation of human creative skills; to stimulate intellectual curiosity; to develop an interest in the process of learning how to learn; to encourage clear thinking and develop the capacity to tackle problems.

Education is not an affair of “telling” and being told, but an active constructive process… and at TERII, we understand this philosophy. One of the most important academic agenda of the institute is Innovative teaching-learning. At TERII, we ensure the concept of ‘Lab to Lectures’ instead of ‘Lectures to Labs’. We induce the requisite practical skills amongst the Engineering and Management students through our team of faculty and staff who are well exposed to Industry and Research Institutions.

We take our students to regular industrial visits. Guest lectures very often take place in our campus. Experts from various fields are invited to share their experiences with our students. Our approach is holistic development, our focus is skill development. Our establishment is unique and constantly working on our philosophy. Being a technical institute we have workshops and labs where students can utilize facilities as per their requirements under proper guidance.

We have great feedback from our recruiters, when it comes to skills and hands on training. Our students pick fast compared to others just because we prepare them for job from day one. With an assurance, that our vision will remain of holistic and interconnected learning of our students, we continue to innovate new ways to impart education.


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